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Lighthouse Computer Systems, Inc., is a rare find in the computer field. We have the highest quality, multi-talented people available in order to provide our customers with a complete and integrated approach to computer system management. Our retail product line is limited to what we believe to be the best of quality, and supported by reputable manufacturers.

BRANDON HOWARD 1990-2018 (AGE 27)
Intern 2014-2016

Those that know Lighthouse Computer Systems, know how special our interns are to us. Whether they started at 16 or 26, each one has a unique story, and brings their particular talents, personality, interests, and enthusiasm to the Lighthouse team and its customers.

Brandon adds to their legacy, and was working what was his dream job in Texas. He was still in contact along his journeys, and still working some of his shared interests with Lighthouse as most of our interns may.

Our condolences go to all of his family and friends from New Hampshire to Massachusetts to Texas. We share in your bereavement. Lighthouse has lost one of its own for the first time in our 30 year history. He was more than an intern, he was also a friend, a guide, a mentor himself, trusted to many, and he will be very, very, sorely missed.